Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break-3 days and counting...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. In the past five school days I have taught in total the equivalent of two full days due to meetings, professional development, and a personal day. I'm surprised that my students even recognize me this week! I returned back to school at the end of the day today after a full day of professional development. When my sub had left one of my students gave me a huge hug and said "Today went by so slowly, please tell me you don't have any meetings again for a while!" I'd say that's a sure sign that I've been out of the classroom too much lately! It's such a crazy time of year for us too, with the language arts section of our state test completed, and the math coming up very soon we need as much time with our students as possible. So, hopefully there will be no more meetings for a while! I am very much looking forward to our spring break which is coming up next week. Not only is my youngest son's birthday at the end of next week, but my cousin who is much more like a sister to me just had her second baby this Easter Sunday! So I am looking forward to of course much needed relaxation, but also to that wonderful new baby smell and lots of snuggles! <3


  1. Hi there, just found you from TPT and am your first follower. :o) We just got back from spring break...enjoy yours. :o) Come visit me sometime.
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  2. Thanks for stopping by and being my first follower! If you'll leave your email address I will email you an item in my TpT Store for free. =) Just let me know which one you'd like!


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