Monday, April 16, 2012

Ahhh...vacation... =)

Just knowing that I don't have to set my alarm clock in the morning makes me such a happy person.  Picture someone who wakes up easily in the morning, cheery and ready to go.  Now, picture the complete opposite of that person, and THAT'S ME in the morning.  I have never been a morning person, but it seems to get worse as I get older.  The alarm clock goes off each morning, although I don't know how it's still working since I pound on it multiples times each morning to stop the beeping.  Once I am up and going I'm okay, but there's just something about waking up to the alarm that drives me insane.  I've tried music or different sounds, but I sleep right through them, so the annoying beeping it is...but not this week!  I am very excited for our spring break.  Yesterday we had a birthday party for our youngest son who's turning nine at the end of this week.  It was a very nice day with family, and the weather was amazing.  Today we are laying low.  I was hoping that the forecast of record high temperatures would be wrong so that I could dig some flower beds.  My Nana brought me some irises from her flower beds to plant at our house.  That right there is a miracle.  Before my husband and I bought our house I never would have thought that I would be digging flower beds and keeping plants alive.  Every plant I have ever tried to keep alive in the house has perished.  Outdoor plants it seems have a much better chance of survival.  In my defense I believe it has to do with a lack of direct sunlight in the only windows I could use where the cats wouldn't be able to get to the plants.  Unfortunately the forecast so far has been spot on, so the digging will have to wait until this evening.  Bummer...I guess I will just have to pass the time reading the four novels that have accumulated over the past couple of months... =)  Happy Monday! 

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