Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Savings!

It's that time of year again...the annual Back to School Sale at TpT!  I don't know about all of you, but my wishlist is PACKED with all the goodies that I can't wait to add to my cart...nothing like a good sale to ease the pain of saying goodbye to summer and heading back to school! 
Be sure to enter the promo code BTS13 for up to 28% off!  Happy shopping! =)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dog days of summer...

I know that for many of us the last few days of summer vacation are slipping away...and to those teacher friends who have already returned to school I hope you are having a wonderful new school year.  This summer I really found myself in school denial...not sure why, and this was the first summer in eight years that I really made sure to devote time with my family and relaxing.  It has been wonderful!  Don't get me wrong, I still have blog stalked on a daily basis, and Pinterest has consumed way more time than I'm willing to even admit! (I'm sure I'm not alone on either of those points, right?? lol)  Our family didn't have a big go-away type vacation this summer, but we still managed to cram in lots of day trips, memories and fun.  Here are a few snapshots of my favorites. =)
Along with camping at the ocean, going mini golfing, to the zoo, watching 12 year old all star baseball, putting up a pool, and building a shed, we've also fit in bowling, a visit to an armory museum, a family cookout, a huge surprise birthday party for my Grandpa's 80th birthday, and lots more!  So, we've definitely been busy!  Not summer is winding down and I'm here wishing it would go on and  I did crawl out of my denial and drag myself head into school to work on my classroom a bit.  My furniture is back in place and I was able to get some sorting of materials done.  I still have to label supplies and place them on students' desks, as well as put up some of the Monday Made Its that never made  Please tell me that I am not alone in trying to squeeze summer out as long as possible! =)  Enjoy your last days of vacation if you still have them...back to school in T minus 9 days for this lady!


Thursday, August 1, 2013


The beginning of August has arrived and I am linking up with Farley's Currently
I am loving being able to catch up on all of the Bones reruns...I love this show and can't wait til the new season starts up the meantime I'll enjoy David Boreanaz episode after episode ;)
I am loving having so much time with my boys...we've been to the zoo, movies, bowling, kayaking, camping, to the ocean, mini golfing, hiking, etc...Our state offers Free Fun Friday events at many different museums and venues all over the state.  Last Friday we enjoyed visiting the Higgins' Armory Museum.  This museum has been around for as long as I can remember.  My younger brother stayed over night there when he was young and in scouts.  This December the museum is closing, so I wanted to be sure to bring my boys there while we still had the chance to go. 
They had a blast checking out all of the suits of armor, weapons, making their own shields, and of course the gift shop! lol
I REALLY need to start thinking about the end of summer and getting some back to school planning has been way too easy to ignore that so far this summer!
We put up an above ground pool a couple of weeks ago, and I would really love to have a deck to go along with it...I can picture it now with a patio table up there and some chairs...and reading while the boys have water battles with each  Guess that will have to be next summer's project...
MOTIVATION...I have none, well none when it comes to things I know I should be doing but can't seem to make myself do...anyone else with me???
B2S Must-haves
1. A cute planner...I am so much more likely to refer back to my daily calendar if I like it... =)  This year I purchased an adorable blue and white chevron planner from Target.
2.Fun, colored pens...need I say more? Everything looks better in color...I think so anyway!
Pilot G2 Retractable Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Fashion Colors, 5/PackYou can never have too many, right???

3.  Product:  I am looking forward to purchasing and printing out these Shout Outs! Recognizing Amazing Students
 I love being able to send home good notes for students.  I believe that it helps to build their confidence, encourage others to do well, and honestly, what parent wouldn't want to receive a note that their student has done something great? 
Here's to enjoying the remaining days of summer...and to those of you who are already heading back to school- have a wonderful start to the year!