Monday, April 2, 2012

Ahh Monday...I am not sad to see you go...
It is a very short week for me this week seeing as we have professional development for the first half of our day tomorrow, I have a meeting in the afternoon Wednesday, I have a personal day scheduled Thursday, and we have no school Friday due to Good Friday.  I cannot tell you how much easier the week passes when you know that it's such a short one, at least that's how it is for me! =)  I haven't quite decided how I'm going to pass my personal day on Thursday, but it definitely includes an entire day of Mom-only free time!  Both of my sons have school Thursday and Friday, so it's like a mini "mom-cation" for me!  I am very excited for it (can you tell?) I was checking out some other classroom photos on another blog that I subscribe to and it made me even more determined to rearrange/reorganize my own classroom.  My classroom space is so awkward due to three different heating units (only one of which is functional mind you) that all take up valuable wall space, as well as the other side of the room being split up by two large built in cabinets and three classroom doors (???).  I've been in my current classroom for two years now and still don't feel as if I'm completely comfortable with the room.  I'm hoping to continue finding great inspiration to get it the way that I will be most comfortable with.  Here's hoping right?  If you have any great organizational tips/tricks, especially when dealing with a small/awkward room please feel free to share! =)

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