Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry it's a short one...

Today has simply flown by, which compared to a typical Monday is a good thing for the most part.  I feel like we didn't have a spare minute all day today.  We started right off this morning reviewing an assessment we had taken recently and examining why we got certain questions wrong.  After our review session we worked on creating our special lines geometry foldable.  They did such a great job with these, I know I am going to have to incorporate them a lot more often.  One of the things I really pulled out of our review session today was that many students are not following through with certain steps of especially comparison problems. (Ex:  26-9 ? 5 X 3 )  Time after time I'm noticing that many students are either inaccurately doing the mental math, or are just looking at the numbers and guessing without going through the computation.  I'm going to have to create some more practice for these types of comparison problems. 
     Our readers workshop lesson today was great!  We read Humble Pie, which no one was familiar with yet.  They all really enjoyed the story.  We were inferring character traits, as well as watching for character changes.  You know I definitely had a huge smile on my face when listening in on a pair of students during a turn and talk I heard "Oh!  This is totally where the character change happens...he goes from being so selfish and demanding to actually caring about something other than just himself!"  =) YAY! =) 
     Off to bed...night!

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