Monday, November 26, 2012

Finally finished my homophones pack!

Wow, I feel like that took forever with everything that has been going on!  I finally was able to finish up my Merry Multiple Meanings Common Core Homophone Practice pack.  This pack includes 90 homophones as well as cloze reading activity, and creating sentences to illustrate the meanings of the homophones.  Now to just get it all cut out and laminated so that my kiddos can dive into practicing them!  (I think I should purchase stock in a laminating company...) lol

I hope that everyone had a happy and restful Thanksgiving break with family.  It's nuts how fast time is passing this year!  Now off to go shop the amazing Cyber Monday sales at TpT!!! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry it's been so long...

Like so many of you wonderful teachers out there I am doing my best to keep up.  I am beyond delighted that Thanksgiving break is upon us, and am really looking forward to some time to relax with my family...that is of course after I have cooked and hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and after my husband gets the crazy Black Friday shopping out of his system.  Does that seem backwards or what?!?! Usually it's the wife that is all "woo hoo shopping!" I myself do not possess the patience to get up hours before it should even be legal to be out and about, and to head out and brave the crowds of people who will do just about anything for a "deal".  I honestly don't know how he (or anyone else for that matter) does it! I much rather prefer to sleep in and enjoy one holiday before going nuts for the next.
     We have been VERY busy in our class.  We've spent quite a bit of time working on creating vivid visualizations.  This first activity we did was from the wonderful Ms. Jump, and used the poem "My Neighbor's Dog is Purple."  They absolutely LOVED this activity. 
     After doing this we continued our visualization work using a poem from an anthology of poems that I have in class.  This particular poem is by Aileen Fisher, and is called "The Spinning Earth".  I love how some of them even included symbols to specifically show movement.  They really enjoyed creating their mental images.  Some of them couldn't even part with them to display them in class, they wanted to take them right home! 
    For our November family project I always have my class work on the Turkeys in Disguise project.  Here are some of their completed disguises!
     And some of the "all-stars" so to speak...
     Can I just tell you that when my little buddy presented his disguised turkey as "Mario" complete with his best impersonation of the accent, I literally laughed so hard I was great! "It-a took-a me-a years-a to a grow-a my moustachio!"  Oh my! lol
     At home our boys have been keeping up busy that's for sure!  Our youngest who's nine was recently envious of his older brother climbing a tree in the yard, yet was terrified to even try climbing the tree.  To me it is simply not right for a child to grow up without climbing a tree, so I insisted  lol.  He eventually had a blast, and said "I'm so happy you made me try it Mom!"  Yay!
     It's sad how fast this year is already flying by.  My favorite holiday, Halloween, came and went way too fast.  Our reaper, and skeleton ninja had a blast, but I think the most excited of all was our Great White Shark! ;)  His costume was the cutest too by far! lol
    I hope that everyone has a safe, restful, and wonderful Thanksgiving!  <3