Thursday, August 1, 2013


The beginning of August has arrived and I am linking up with Farley's Currently
I am loving being able to catch up on all of the Bones reruns...I love this show and can't wait til the new season starts up the meantime I'll enjoy David Boreanaz episode after episode ;)
I am loving having so much time with my boys...we've been to the zoo, movies, bowling, kayaking, camping, to the ocean, mini golfing, hiking, etc...Our state offers Free Fun Friday events at many different museums and venues all over the state.  Last Friday we enjoyed visiting the Higgins' Armory Museum.  This museum has been around for as long as I can remember.  My younger brother stayed over night there when he was young and in scouts.  This December the museum is closing, so I wanted to be sure to bring my boys there while we still had the chance to go. 
They had a blast checking out all of the suits of armor, weapons, making their own shields, and of course the gift shop! lol
I REALLY need to start thinking about the end of summer and getting some back to school planning has been way too easy to ignore that so far this summer!
We put up an above ground pool a couple of weeks ago, and I would really love to have a deck to go along with it...I can picture it now with a patio table up there and some chairs...and reading while the boys have water battles with each  Guess that will have to be next summer's project...
MOTIVATION...I have none, well none when it comes to things I know I should be doing but can't seem to make myself do...anyone else with me???
B2S Must-haves
1. A cute planner...I am so much more likely to refer back to my daily calendar if I like it... =)  This year I purchased an adorable blue and white chevron planner from Target.
2.Fun, colored pens...need I say more? Everything looks better in color...I think so anyway!
Pilot G2 Retractable Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Fashion Colors, 5/PackYou can never have too many, right???

3.  Product:  I am looking forward to purchasing and printing out these Shout Outs! Recognizing Amazing Students
 I love being able to send home good notes for students.  I believe that it helps to build their confidence, encourage others to do well, and honestly, what parent wouldn't want to receive a note that their student has done something great? 
Here's to enjoying the remaining days of summer...and to those of you who are already heading back to school- have a wonderful start to the year!


  1. Yay for the pool! I'm hoping that's in our future, too. I love the fun pens and I have those Shout Outs on my wishlist! I actually included another of her products-the reminder notes-on my must have list!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  2. Looks like a wonderful summer with your family! You sound a lot like me. I also know I have a lot of back to school work to do but am reluctant to give up the extra time with my family.

    The Math Maniac

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  4. Too funny...I was eyeballing the reminder notes as well! lol I told my hubby that me talking him into putting up the pool was the best idea I don't know if he agrees with me, but the kids sure do! =)

  5. Tara- I am so glad to know that I am not alone in being reluctant to give up that time! It sounds crazy, but sometimes, even over the summer, I feel like I'm being selfish protecting that time with them and avoiding school stuff...crazy....! =)

  6. Did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel? That's when my DB eyecandy party started.

    Enjoy the rest of summer! School will come when it does.

    Ms. O

  7. Ms. O- ABSOLUTELY! I watched both of those, and I have to say, he is certainly one of those guys who gets better with age! ;) He's such a cutie! lol You enjoy the rest of summer as well! =)

  8. We put in a pool deck a couple of years ago, and then followed up with a deck the following summer. We LOVE it, and don't regret the investment AT ALL! :) Much of the summer has been spent out there... ~Deb
    Crafting Connections


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