Monday, March 19, 2012

Testing season has crept up on us once again.  How does that happen?  (It could have something to do with our classroom clock that is an hour ahead now since Daylight Savings has come and gone??? We had it changed and it went ahead an hour.  Of course it's so far up on the wall I can't reach it even if I'm standing on a desk.) I keep a good pace throughout the school year, I hate having to worry about cramming content in before a test.  In order to preserve my sanity (and the prevent any more pesky gray hairs from popping up), I try to allow for as much review as I can before we take our state tests.  Today I was excited to try out Laura Candler's Buddy Test Prep activity.  It worked out very well, the kids understood right away what was expected of them and were very engaged. I was very pleased.  I really wish that I had come across that suggestion sooner than I did, it's definitely going to be a study strategy that we implement much earlier in the school year next year!  I would definitely recommend checking it out for yourself to use with your students.  Unrelated to school I have to say how glad I am that winter (fingers crossed) seems to really be on it's way out.  I know this is New England and we could have two feet of snow tomorrow, but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed going to school with capris, sandals, and 75 degree weather this fabulous March day! 

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